Hints and tips

What is Markomi?

What is a PURL?

What is {{FirstName}} and {{LastName}}?

What is a noreply  address?

What is a header ?

What is a footer?

What are campaign settings ?

Why can't I change the images ?

I've put some text in but it's not displaying properly?

What is Opt-In?

How can I upload pictures ?

What is 300 dpi and 72 dpi ?

How can I print my flyer/voucher/coupons?

How do I use Youtube/Facebook/social media in general?

Can the campaigns be used on mobile devices?

How can I manage my campaigns?

What are campaign details?

I can't find any suitable templates. What can I do?

What is inbound? What is outbound?

Where do I find my inbounds?

What does "Bounces" mean?

Where can I manage my contacts?

How do I import contacts ?

How do I add a single contact to my contact list?

Why is data maintenance so important ?

Can I import or synchronise my address book?

What are credits and what do I need them for?

How can I buy credits?

How can I cancel my subscription?

How can I change the colours of my campaigns?

What are campaign details?